Based on a True Story

The Impossible is a film that tells the story of a family who survived a tsunami that devastated Southeast Asia on December 26, 2004. It has come to be known as the “Boxing Day Tsunami.”

This film begins with what looks like the perfect family vacation away from home. The first minutes of the film are filled with moments of anticipation such as the turbulence of a flight (surely announcing upcoming disaster.) The introduction is followed by the ‘calm before the storm’ in a beautiful beach in Thailand. Then in one scene, the awareness of the power of nature overwhelms you. The roaring sound of a water monster charging at you seems to bring to life your worst nightmares. This scene is sure to trigger emotions that give you goose-bumps that don’t seem to stop.

"The Impossible"

As the film progresses, you sympathize with these characters (and fight back tears) as they struggle to survive, remembering that this catastrophe really happened and killed approximately 200,000 people.  This family’s journey seems ‘impossible’ as they hope to find each other, alive in a foreign land. Terrified of nature’s wrath that ruined their vacation and devastated thousands of people’s lives, they hold on to hope.

As I watched The Impossible, I kept imagining myself in their situation. What would I do if I saw a colossal wave charging at me with a speed faster than my mind can register, tearing down trees and anything in its path? If I survived to tell the tale how would I begin looking for my family?

This frightening drama absorbs viewers and takes them through a shattering experience told by survivor Maria Belon. By the end of the movie, I was a believer, astonished by this powerful story of survival, strength, and resilience.


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